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Ama Mermaid Japan: Character
  • Ama Mermaid Japan: Character

    SKU: AP75323P244502

    Our world is far too divided these days. Some of my passions are folklore, learning about other cultures, and bringing people together. This is what I'm bringing to my mermaid series. 


    Mermaids have a hold on many different cultures all over the world. This mermaid in particular is inspired by my mermaid studies of Japan.

    • There are professional female divers in Japan called Ama divers. 'Ama' translates from Japanese to 'woman of the sea'. They free dive for pearls at incredible depths. I made this mermaid an Ama diver as well and incorporated her into a scene of Japanese cormorant fishers. This image is the close-up of the mermaid.
    • Japanese cormorant fishers are fishermen who use birds, cormorants, to fish at night. The mermaid unexpectedly comes upon them while they are fishing, drawn to the light of the flame they use to attract the fish.
    • About the Printing Materials

      Archival Inks:  Fade-resistant pigmented inks are used, which provide a superior color range than other types of prints. These are widely preferred in fine art and photography circles.

      Hahnemühle Hemp Base - Eco Paper: The paper this is printed on is ECO FRIENDLY!! It doesn't take away from the quality either.

      • About the paper:
      • The benefits of hemp paper:
    • Moisture Protective Care

      I HIGHLY advise against hanging unprotected prints in the bathroom.

      • For more info on how to protect bathroom art, check out this article:
    • Tech Specs

      • Orientation: Square. 
      • Width x Height: 8" x 8".
      • Weight: 2 oz.
      • Unframed.
    • Returns & Refunds Policy

      I don't generally do returns or refunds, but if there's a problem, please reach out! I will do my best to solve it for you.

    • Shipping Info

      Processing Time: I use a dropshipper, who prints my art and ships it to you. The average turnaround time for processing prints is 1 - 3 business days.

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