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Graphic Design



Client Logos


Untitled Neurodiversity Blog

Logo for a neurodiversity blog.

Software: Illustrator, Procreate.

Latina woman meditating with a book on her head. Logo for a blog about mental health and neurodiversity.


This Could Be My Last Podcast

Logo for a true crime podcast.

Software: Illustrator, Procreate.

Logo for a true crime podcast called, "This Could Be My Last Podcast". A purple gloved hand holds a microphone. Surrounded by flowers, lace, and a banner with the name.
Sarah's Wonderland Studio

The branding content for my Etsy shop and children's illustration brand, Sarah's Wonderland Studio. This is an ongoing process and will be updated as I go.

Branding Package

All elements put together.

Branding package for Sarah's Wonderland Studio. Bunny-themed. Logo, logo variations, watermark, surmark, sign off, jewel toned color palette, fonts, bunny mascots, and the banner with the bunnies picnicing.

Main Logo

Compact and sweet. Brand's theme is bunnies.

Software: Illustrator, Procreate.

Main logo for Sarah's Wonderland Studio. SWS with whiskers and ears coming out of the letters.


Bunny mascots with an animated feel. They grew into their own personalities. Putting together a series with them in the future.

Software: Illustrator, Procreate.

Traditional Materials: Gouache, Ink, Watercolor.

Sarah's Wonderland Studio store banner with bunny mascots. Picnic in the spring with signs that say art, unique goods, and other delights. Tag line: Where fantasy and nature come to play. Gouache, ink, watercolor, and digital art.


Arranged, designed, and written myself.

Software: Canva.

Circle showing the creative process in 5 steps; preparation, incubation, insight, evaluation, and elaboration.

Types of Rest

Created with assets from Canva.

Software: Canva.

7 types of rest: physical, mental, emotional, social/solitude, sensory, creative, and spiritual. Sloth, tea, journal, picnic, mind, tent, candle.
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